Since a responsible and committed consumer behavior also involves respect for animals, our favorite brands design 100% vegan collections. More and more designers refuse to include animal fibers in their designs’ composition. They ban fur, leather, wool and silk from their collections. What are the alternatives? Vegetable fibers, like organic cotton and linen, but also synthetic fibers when they are recycled or produced in an environmentally friendly way. Vegetable leather, or « eco leather », is also developing. It is derived from pineapple or eucalyptus leaves, seaweed, rubber wood (rubber tree from which latex is extracted), grapes… It differs from the simple « vegetable tanning », which involves processing a leather of animal origin without chemicals. In high fashion and ready-to-wear alike, animal exploitation and abuse are not inevitable. And nowadays, many brands are committed to prove it with quality, comfortable to wear designs which are in no way inferior to leather pieces.  
Sap of HeveaSap of Hevea
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