1% for the Planet

To take our eco-responsible commitments one step further, it felt like a good fit to partner up with a well-known global network which works daily towards protecting the environment. 

That’s how we became proud members of the 1% for the Planet collective, a movement made up of companies which chose to donate 1% of their revenue to environment preservation associations.

You’re helping to make a difference with each one of your La Fine Fleur orders!

Our strong commitment doesn’t stop there: we support these two associations whose initiatives mean a lot to us:  Mountain riders actively promotes change in the mountain! In our minds, the mountain is as essential as it is vulnerable. Our challenge is to build awareness without moralizing. We achieve this by encouraging children and young adults to become catalysts of change, by inviting visitors to commit to being responsible, by shouldering tourism stakeholders and getting citizens and elected representatives involved. Everyday through our actions, we do our utmost to embody the change we envision for the world.

For over 25 years Surfrider Foundation Europe has been protecting, safeguarding and showcasing oceans and the people who enjoy them. Everyday they work to counter the ravages to the coastal environment and its users through 3 main topics:

  • aquatic waste
  • coastal development
  • climate change, water quality & user health.

La Fine Fleur X 1% for the Planet